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I have moved home to live with family – Can I leave my tenancy early?

You are only able to exit your contract early if you find a replacement to take your place for the remainder of your tenancy. We are on hand to give you advice on where to advertise your room and guide you through the process once you have found a replacement. Please email for further information and advice.

Will my rent be reduced?

The Government have not stipulated landlords are required, or expected, to provide rent free periods for their tenants. Unfortunately you are still required to pay your rent as per your contract.

Can my rent be delayed or can I have a payment holiday?

If you are having difficulty paying your rent your landlord may be flexible with payment dates or will agree a payment plan. Deferring payments may also be referred to as a ‘holiday’, however this would be on a case by case basis and you will need to provide evidence of a change to your circumstances.

My landlord can get a mortgage holiday – why should I have to pay my rent?

There has been a lot of confusion around mortgage holidays. A mortgage holiday means the homeowner can defer the payment, it does not remove their liability to make payment in full. It is likely a landlord would end up paying more in the long run as interest payments will be due on a higher amount for a longer period.

A landlord would need to apply for a mortgage holiday, and it is only accepted on a case by case basis. Terms from lenders vary and they may have to provide evidence that themselves or their tenants have suffered financial hardship due to Covid-19. If a landlord is granted a payment holiday, they are expected to pass this on to the tenants in terms of a payment plan.

Is there any financial help available to me?

This varies dependant on your situation, the government have implemented new measures to support people in their time of need. Check the government website here to see what you may be entitled to. If you are studying, contact student services at your University, as they may be able to offer you additional support.

Can I still view a property in person?

Yes, you can we have slightly changed our policy meaning if a property has a video viewing or 3D tour, we will send this to you first. Just so you can get a feel for the property before you confirm you want to view it in person.

If you want to go ahead with an in-person viewing please contact us to book an appointment. We will maintain social distancing throughout and ask you to sanitise before and after entering the property. If you can we will also ask you to wear a face covering.

Can I visit your office?

At the moment we have unfortunately had to close our office to the public to keep both you and our employees safe. We are not avaiable for walk in appointments at this time but don’t worry, we are all still working! Feel free to contact us on 01273 645797 or email

Can I still be in my house when a viewing is taking place?

We would kindly ask you to not be present for any viewings taking place within your house. This makes things like social distancing easier. The viewings should not be longer than 15 minutes so the perfect time to pop to the shops, get your daily exercise in or even grab a takeaway coffee. However, if the viewing is at an inconvenient time or we are not able to enter your house (due to someone isolating for example) then we are more than happy to try and reschedule for you.

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