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Administration fees

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I have incurred fees for late or incorrect rent payments and don’t think I should have to pay them.

If you have entered into your tenancy agreement before 1st June 2019 and you pay your rent late or incorrectly you will incur an administration fee, these are detailed at the end of your tenancy agreement. These fees are still applicable until 1st June 2020. We will have informed you verbally at the time of the fees being added for late rents etc. We will have also attempted to settle these fees prior to the end of your tenancy. If there are any that you feel have been added in error, please do let us know and we can look into them further for you.

Are we able to get more of a breakdown of who is responsible for these fees?

Where possible, we try to establish who we think is responsible for the fees. For example, if one particular tenant has paid their rent late each month. We can look through our bank records and let you know who each payment has come from if necessary. This is also something you can check on your own bank statements. Please note, it is not always possible for us to establish who is responsible.

For example; Tia and Tamara live together, but Tamara is in charge of paying their rent. We notice that we’ve received their rent late, but we can’t tell that it’s because Tia didn’t pay Tamara their portion of the rent on time. So we then apply a late-payment fee to their joint account, and Tia and Tamara have to decide between them who foots the bill.

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