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I’ve lost income due to Covid-19 and I am unable to pay my rent.

We know Covid-19 has posed challenges for everyone. If you are experiencing financial difficulty due to Covid-19 please call the finance team, we’re on hand to talk you through your options and are here to help!

We’ve tested positive for Covid-19, what should we do?

Please let us know immediately so we can update our records and minimise risk to all parties. Please follow government guidelines at all times. We kindly ask you provide a copy of the positive lateral flow or PCR result with your photo ID in the same photograph.

Why do you need to see my Covid-19 result alongside my ID?

Unfortunately, due to circumstances where tenants have provided a fraudulent test results in an attempt to stop property visits, we now ask you provide a photograph with both your result and a copy of your ID.

What are your Covid-19 viewing procedures?