Brighton Businesses need not fear Brexit?

12th July 2016


The current situation seems to have caused an uproar of commentary shouting the words ‘uncertainty’ at us as if we’re in 2008 all over again. Fear not. It seems as the dust is settling, voices are now saying ‘keep calm and carry on trading’. One of Brighton’s oldest independent firms, having traded for 190 years is confident that Brighton retains its prosperous future.

Geoff Holden and Keith Brinsmead of Parsons Son & Basley have urged people to stop worrying and keep faith that the city has weathered far worse economic slumps. Since, anyhow, we have yet to see the trade deals and market access that the government may manage to negotiate for us.

A joint statement from the partners said: “Investors will be looking for opportunities to protect and grow their assets and it is for all of us in Brighton to welcome them to our city.

The rental market in Brighton and Hove has always been a strong contender for potential investors, since Prince Regent’s time. Prime coastal location combined with cosmopolitan shopping and direct links to the capital make it a top choice for anyone from investors, to first time landlords to relocating buyers!

Challenge is simply an opportunity to review and improve our current practises. How can Brighton remain resilient? How can we be more cost effective? There is always a silver lining. At present, the average price of a 2 bedroom property in the Brighton and Hove area is £1100 per calendar month – currently one of the highest in the South East and should increase in the near future. The average rent in the South East as a whole is £963 and has shown a 3.1% increase from May 2015.

The number of people turning to renting is at an all-time high. Thus, vacant properties and a lack of choice of tenants are quickly becoming a thing of the past.


Concurring with business development manager, Kristy Adams “I believe we have resourceful people in Sussex, and investors alike, that can face economic challenge and bring hope out of it.