Brighton Tops Emerging Business Hub List

7th November 2016

Business travel to Brighton from London has increased by 230% over the last four years, making Brighton the fastest growing business hub in the UK for small and medium sized companies (SME’s) and budding entrepreneurs.

Brighton’s ability to attract creative and digital companies has given the city it’s nickname of ‘Silicon Beach’ and has more digital and creative SME start-ups per capita than anywhere else in the country! Brighton has become home to many award winning digital and creative agencies, and with more than three times the national average, the city has a larger density of digital companies than any other city in the UK.

However the current appeal of Brighton to new start SME’s could now be under threat due to the increasing problems faced for commuters by Southern Rail’s current shambles. Commuters using the Brighton mainline are suffering heavily with the current rail strikes and endless cancellations which is constantly receiving bad press in the national newspapers, this could potentially put off businesses from making the move here. I feel the city has nothing to worry about, something must give at some point and the Brighton mainline needs a solution which is hopefully just around the corner.

In a recent survey of business owners, the main appeal of Brighton as a base for their businesses is the Brighton lifestyle and the feed of graduates from the Universities, neither of these points will be changing anytime soon so we can expect lots more businesses opening their doors here which will be a great boost to the economy. Couple this with the £1 Billion plans for the seafront regeneration, Brighton has a great future ahead.