Most Sought-After Features In A Modern U.K Home

5th June 2017 has undertaken research to see what the most sought-after features are in a modern U.K home. From the research, the results have surprisingly seen previous ‘must haves’ such as period features not listed in the top 20, potentially signalling the end for the period features craze.

Central heating and double glazing are quite unsurprisingly number 1 and 2 in the top 20 with 69% and 68% of people surveyed saying it is a must have of theirs, this proves that energy efficiency is a top priority when looking for a property, as it will be sure to save you money in the subsequent years when living in the property.

Space is another obvious feature that people are looking for as well as a garden, which sits in 3rd place and a driveway or dedicated parking space in the 5th spot. Space is becoming more of a rarity with flats and old converted houses becoming much more the norm in urban areas meaning many renters or first-time buyers are not lucky enough to have either of these.

Making up the top 5, in fourth place is what 61% of people surveyed look for, somewhere with secure doors and windows. Nobody wants to run the risk of their property being broken in to.  Another shock, which unlike previous reports, is that areas with good schools do not feature in the current list.  This shows that buyers are becoming more financially perceptive and are going in with an open mind, therefore willing to potentially make compromises on the finer details to save money. This includes buying property in up-and-coming areas where the schools may not yet have the best reputation.

Overall there has been a shift in what people are most interested in when buying and it is looking like the more luxury requirements aren’t as desirable as before, though space and security is still a big area people aren’t willing to compromise on.