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Bills included packages

Bills included packages are available so you can enjoy your home without the stress of managing your bills. All of our packages are on uncapped energy, so no arguments with your housemates about having the heating on, no unexpected bills on your doormat, no reason to chase your housemates for money. Just easy living!

Choose your package and refer to the table below (prices are per person per week).


Prices are per person per week. If you want more info on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to ask!

How do I book a viewing?

It’s simple! Once you have found a property you like, and you want to take a closer peek inside, just call the office on 01273 645797 and we will book you in. We’ll then ping you a  text with all the details confirming your appointment.

When viewing a property do I meet you at the office or at the property?

We always arrange to meet you at the property you want to view – we won’t make you walk extra miles by asking you to come to our office first! Just wait outside the property and we’ll find you.

I’ve arrived early, can I knock on their door and ask the tenants to show us round?

Hold your horses! Please don’t knock on the door. We organise a specific time with the tenants to view the property – and we all know there’s nothing worse than someone arriving earlier than expected! One of our agents must be present for safety reasons, plus we are then on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Can I book to view more than one property?

Absolutely! Make a shortlist of your top three and we’ll book you in. If the properties you viewed weren’t quite what you were looking for, please just let us know and we can book more viewings in for you. However we do try to limit viewings to three at a time so we can accommodate all our enquiries.

How long do viewings take?

We know you’ve got busy lives and things to do, so our viewings normally only take around 15 minutes.We don’t want you running around Brighton in a mad dash, so if you are booking a viewing  straight afterwards, just make sure you leave enough time to travel to the next location. (If you’re a keen cyclist there are loads of Life Cycles docking stations around the city and it’s a great way to get around town between viewings).

I’m going to be late for my viewing!

No problem, these things happen! Please call us on 01273 645797 to let us know – we’ll try to wait for you if we can. If it’s more than 5 or 10 minutes we might have another appointment to get to and therefore will be unable to wait. If this is the case we’ll let you know and re-arrange another time.

Will there be other people viewing the property at the same time?

Possibly; we try to limit disruption to the current tenants as much as possible, so if we have multiple enquiries for the same property we will book you in to the same appointment slot. You can’t bribe us with chocolates I’m afraid (as much as we like them) – to make things fair we show groups  around one-by-one, in the order of booking.

What do we do if we want to secure a property?

If you think you’ve found where you belong, come and see us in our office on Lewes Road. We generally operate on a first-come first-served basis – over the years we’ve learnt it’s the fairest way. In some circumstances, if multiple groups arrive at the office at the same time we will take application forms from all interested parties and submit them to the landlord for approval.

How do we take a property off the market?

Once you’ve come to our office and confirmed you are happy to proceed, we’ll run you through all the details. At this stage we collect a holding fee of 1 weeks’ rent – we can take this by cash or card (we don’t accept cheques because it’s not the 90s). Next we’ll sort out the paperwork. This is a pre-tenancy receipt, and it does the following:

  • outlines the terms of the tenancy
  • explains the paperwork to be completed
  • shows your payment schedule
  • and acts as receipt for your agency fee

Once all the holding fees have been paid and all the tenants (bear this in mind if you have a flaky friend) and Coapt have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on the paperwork the property is off the market! You can then head out and celebrate!

I really want to secure a property I have seen online, can I secure it without seeing it?
The short answer is no. But hear us out: we want all our tenants to find where they belong and we want you to be 100% sure before you pay any money. Properties can look different in real life than in photographs, you might not like the layout, or decide the location isn’t right for you so we advise you to always see a property in person first.

I just want to secure a room in a shared house, can I do this?
Unfortunately not. All of our student properties are on joint contracts, so you will need to be part of a group in order to secure the property. The only time this may be an option is if it is mid-way through a tenancy and someone has dropped out and is looking for a tenant to replace them for the remainder of their contract.

I haven’t got anyone to live with.
Don’t worry, lots of people will be in the same boat! Not only can we help you find where you belong, but who you belong with. We have set up a facebook group to help you connect with others looking for somewhere to live. Find a housemate with Coapt.

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