Do I need to be there?

No, you do not need to be at the property for your check-out. If you are present you will be asked to wait outside while our independent inventory company compiles the report. This is for two reasons; firstly because they want to be able to complete the report independently without distraction and need peace and quiet in order to record it, and secondly to make sure there is no bias affecting the report. The same rules apply to your landlord, so we feel like it’s pretty fair.

What happens on the day I move out?

Set your alarm folks and dig out the rubber gloves! Our independent inventory company will come to your property any time from 7am on the last day of your tenancy to conduct a check-out. Please make sure the property is returned to the same condition as the inventory and completely clean and clear of all personal belongings or rubbish, including outside areas, by 7am. No matter how useful you might think an item will be for the next tenant, it’s important to not leave it, otherwise you may be charged for its removal. We recommend moving out the day before to avoid any last minute stress!

When will my deposit be returned?

After the check out has been completed on the last day of your tenancy, we will have a breakdown of any deductions to you within one month at the latest, but we will aim for sooner. Once agreed, your deposit will be returned within 48 hours to your nominated bank account.

How do I avoid deductions from my deposit?

The best way is to use your inventory and go around the house room by room making sure the property is returned to the same condition as when you moved in. Don’t worry, we will of course allow for fair wear and tear. Pay special attention to cleanliness, this is the most common deposit deduction. We would recommend sourcing the inventory sent to you at the beginning of your tenancy to refer back to, just to be safe!

What do I do with my bills when I move out?

If you are on a bills included package, nothing! Prior to the last day of your tenancy, contact your gas, electricity and water suppliers to let them know you are moving out. On the last day take meter readings and provide them to supplier. (Tip: take photos of all the readings, they can come in handy!). If you have top-up meters for any utilities, you must ensure these have the same amount of credit as when you moved in. You can find this information on your inventory. Don’t forget about broadband / telephone providers, your TV license and to re-direct any post. We will not be able to collect any post for you once you have moved out.

What do I do with the keys when I move out?

All keys should be left together inside the property. Please do not hand-deliver or post keys back to our office, as this will mean they are not listed on the check-out report and you may be charged.

If your front door requires a key to lock when closed, please pop the rest of the keys inside, lock the front door and push the last set through the letterbox.