I do not understand why I am being charged for this invoice?

During your tenancy, you are responsible for carrying out all works of repair that are not the responsibility of the Landlord and taking appropriate care of the property. This includes the replacement of disposable items such as fuses, batteries and lightbulbs and acting as a guardian of the property throughout the tenancy. Tenant invoices often result from an unnecessary call out to the property which the contractor then invoices for wasted time. i.e. if a tenant reports their oven is not working and it turns out one of the tenants has unplugged it at the wall. Or if a sink or toilet is blocked due to excessive food waste or sanitary items blocking it as a result of the tenant’s actions.

If you do not pay these invoices during your tenancy, they will unfortunately be deducted from your deposit so that the contractor is paid for their time. You can contact us and we can help explain why any invoices have been raised and help you avoid any further charges in the future.