Key charges

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Why have I been charged £18 for a missing key? It only costs £4 to get a key cut!

The £18 cost is listed in your contract and is the cost of having the key cut, as well as the time it takes from an agent’s day to undertake all that is involved in the keys replacement.. Once the agent has made the trip from the Coapt office to the key cutting shop to have the key cut, they will then need to travel to the property, test the key and leave the new copy for the incoming tenants check-in. Please note that as Coapt are a VAT registered company, the actual charge is £15 (+ VAT).

I’ve been charged for the locks to be changed, why?

If a minority of tenants return their keys at the end of their tenancy, we will normally need to change the locks to ensure the next tenants’ safety. Whilst we do understand that it is normal for tenants to lose their keys, we can only be sure that no third party has unauthorised access to the property if we change the lock.