Changes to the arrears process

12th May 2021

As of last week, from Tuesday 4 May 2021, Section 8 notices must include details of the debt respite scheme for tenants. The new scheme has a huge impact on the current processes followed by agents and landlords when taking action against rent arrears. If you’re dealing with rent debt, be aware of the changes it will bring.

Anyone who serves a notice using the incorrect Section 8 template runs the risk of having their case rejected on a technicality.

Be aware, if you sent out a notice in the week prior to the change, postal delays could result in your notice not being deemed to be served until on, or after, the 4th May2021 . This means it will be invalid if it does not include the new information, in this event you would need to re-serve the new section 8 notice with the details for breathing space.

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