Coapt’s Tips for Student House-Hunting in Brighton

13th November 2023

Finding student accommodation for the next academic year can be a challenging process, but Coapt aims to turn it into an exciting experience, as featured in Unifresher’s Student City Guide to Brighton. Navigating the labyrinth of available student housing options can be overwhelming, but armed with the right strategies, you can turn your house-hunting journey into an adventure. To guide you through this process, here are six tips offered by Coapt:

1. Start searching now!

Utilise online platforms like Coapt, Rightmove, or Zoopla for a quick display of available student houses in your desired location. Take the time to research locations, transport links, and local amenities to narrow down your options.

2. Sharing is caring:

Moving in with friends is not just about accommodation; it’s a bonding experience. Coapt emphasizes the importance of housemates and encourages discussions to align priorities and needs for a new home. Check out our Facebook group if you need help finding housemates or have a spare room to fill.

3. Budgeting made easy

Considering the cost of living, budgeting for your next home is crucial. Coapt advises narrowing your search based on your budget and realistic expenditure. Many listings include bill options, saving you the hassle of managing water, electricity, gas, Wi-Fi, and TV license separately. Find out our bills included options here.

4. Be prepared for paperwork

Once you’ve found the perfect home, be ready for paperwork, deposits, and guarantors. Coapt suggests thoroughly reading contracts, addressing concerns, and understanding deposit and guarantor requirements. If traditional routes pose challenges, Coapt can assist in finding alternative ways to secure your new home such as using Housing Hand and Reposit

5. The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Student properties in Brighton are in high demand, so act quickly and get your application forms in as soon as possible!  Coapt facilitates a swift process, offering same-day application forms to expedite securing your desired property.

6. Renewal options

Coapt recognises the hassle of finding new accommodation each year and highlights that around 1 in 4 houses are renewed annually. Renewing your tenancy eliminates the need for a new deposit and the inconvenience of relocating, allowing tenants to settle and belong in Brighton.

Have any questions for us? Check out our FAQ’s or give us an email on . Happy house hunting!