Fancy yourself as a Brighton Ambassador?

25th April 2017

Brighton council will soon be looking to recruit a small group of city ambassadors from the local business world, to meet and greet people and help to encourage trade from overseas, following our departure from the European Union.

Brighton town hall is set to undergo some extreme changes in the coming years as plans are set to go before councillors next week, the Victorian building is burdened with refurbishment and high maintenance costs but the council are keen to take advantage of it as a tool to increase business post-Brexit.

The Grade II listed building is of political importance, holding electoral events and council meetings, however it is not being used to its full potential and has growing maintenance issues. The hall, as in many cities, is a landmark of important life events such as the registration of marriages, births, deaths, and wedding ceremonies.

It’s all still in discussion now, but there are plans to use the town hall as a business hub to attract investment and international trade. The report also suggests plans to include a ‘high-end’ restaurant and café on the ground floor, which could also be used for weddings and functions. Other potential uses include hosting dignitaries. Lots of receptions already take place in the mayoral parlour but not enough for visiting VIP’s. Further plans could be to transform the first floor into accommodation that could include a lord lieutenants function, a new mayoral function, corporate training rooms and modern conference facilities, which could be open to commercial rentals and the possibility of leased office space.

A couple of things will remain unchanged such as the Police museum in the basement and the council chamber will also stay to continue to be used for council meetings, but plans are to open the chamber for more use such as university or public lecture space to generate more income.

We think this is an exciting proposal, how many of us have wandered past the town hall thinking that it is a bit of a waste of space? To use it as a civic hub and more importantly entertaining foreign trade and investment would be a space well used. So, if you think you have the acumen and fancy hosting the visiting dignitaries, why not put yourself forward!