Notices and Warrants : updates you need to know!

11th June 2021

Our guest article this month is from Samantha Dawkins at Edward Harte Solicitors. Read on to find our more about recent changes to notices and warrants.

Notice periods for notices seeking possession in respect of assured shorthold tenancy agreements has changed as of 01 June 2021.  From the 01 June 2021 to 30 September 2021, four months’ notice will now be required rather than the current 6 months for Section 8 and Section 21 notices.   There are similar exceptions as there are at the moment in relation to Section 8 Notices, such as in the case of nuisance whereby there is no notice period.

The biggest change is in respect of the notice period for Section 8 Notices based on rent arrears.  From 01 June 2021 only 4 weeks’ notice is required where the rent arrears are over 4 months.  From the 01 August 2021 in situations where you are claiming possession based on rent arrears of less than four months the notice period will change to 2 months.  Currently the notice period remains at 4 months.

In terms of the notices themselves then new forms have been issued on 01 June 2021.  The period for which you can enforce a Section 21 Notice will now be 8 months from the service of the notice rather than the current 10 months.

Finally, warrants seeking possession can now be enforced although there is likely to be a significant backlog in these being processed so I would anticipate at least 3 weeks before a date for eviction will be set.

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