The big build

6th June 2019

Brighton University are investing 4 years of construction to make their university a ‘greater place to work and learn.’ Between 2018 -2021 they are building a completely new extension to their Moulscoomb campus whilst also improving their existing facilities in Brighton and Eastbourne.

When the work is completed, 800 new student rooms split over five new halls of residents will be built; helping to combat the local housing pressure. Along with a new academic building and student union to provide more social spaces. To improve fitness, their will be new fitness and cycling facilities.  A new street for independent local cafes and workshops. A multi story car park is currently being built. Finished off with a pedestrian bridge, set to be build in spring 2020, to bring both campuses together across Lewes Road. Overall, this project will have created over 1,000 jobs for locals which they have estimated will bring £500m over the next 10 years for Brighton’s economy.

Many people believed the plans to extend and upgrade the university was to increase their number of students. However, the University have released that the plans aren’t to increase their student numbers but to help maintain and improve their current students experience. Whilst providing flexible teaching spaces.

Due to the multi story car park, the local council were worried that this would increase car usage which is a growing problem for global warming. The university has stated that one of their main objectives is to promote sustainable transport – done by improvements to cycling facilities and pedestrian access. While students in the halls will have no access to the parking areas.

While the construction is taking place, a mix of 300 native trees will be planted while existing green spaces will be seeing an upgrade. This along with the buildings meeting the highest possible standards really does mean the sustainability of the project it ticked.