What amenities mean the most to renters?

10th August 2022

In a recent survey by Dataloft, renters have revealed what amenities are most important to them when choosing a house to rent.

The survey took into account five ‘location features’ that are commonly used in property descriptions on the market, to calculate which of them had the largest influence on rents achieved post-pandemic.

Overall, the survey found that proximity to a large town centre had the biggest impact on the desirability of a property, with being close to an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rated primary school or a public park being the less significant factors.

Interestingly, the most important factors changed depending on region. In the South East, the biggest influence was being near a larger town centre, followed by a smaller town centre, then with rail station access. The least significant to renters from this region was being close to a public park. (Dataloft, Property Academy, 2021)