Condensation and mould

28th March 2018

If you have come to this page it is likely you are experiencing the dreaded mould. Here’s how it occurs and what to do.

Mould caused by condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with a colder surface like a wall, window, mirror etc. The air can’t hold the moisture and tiny drops of water appear, which can lead to a growth of mould that appears as a cloud of little black dots.

The average tenant creates up to 28 pints of moisture in the air everyday! It’s produced by showering, cooking or even just through general respiration (Note: we do not recommend trying to limit your breathing, honestly, it is okay). Because moisture is caused by tenants, unfortunately the prevention and cure of black mould is your responsibility. It can be easily wiped off with warm water and soap, or using black mould cleaner such as this one. Click here.

Please make sure you are taking all preventative measures to stop more mould spores from forming in the future. Make sure that you open windows during/after showering and whilst drying clothes on a drying rack. Take towels off radiators once dry, make sure the property is heated to a consistent temperature and use extractor fans when cooking or showering.

Mould caused from a damp issue or leak forms in a different way and there will usually be a visible water stain or tide mark, if you see this please click here to report it.

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