Leaving your property empty

11th December 2018

If you are leaving your student home empty over the festive season to spend it with friends and family, follow our simple steps below to make sure the property is safe and secure.

Heating – make sure you leave the heating on a low constant temperature or on a timer for twice a day to prevent the burst pipes in freezing temperatures. If you have an outside tap its a good idea to wrap it in an old tea towel or rag to prevent it splitting.

Just in case – burglaries increase over the Christmas period, make sure you shut curtains and blinds where possible, leave a light on and keep valuables out of sight.

Tell us – send us a quick email to let us know when the property will be empty. If you have neighbours you get on well with and trust let them know too, swap numbers and tell them Coapt is your agent, they’ll keep an eye our for any suspicious activity or any problems such as a leak.

Lock up – It sounds obvious, but make sure all windows and doors are locked. Ask the last person to leave to triple check, just to be sure!

If you have any problems please let us know, check our winter opening hours here. Please report maintenance as normal through our website here, for an emergency please click here.

Don’t forget to let us know if you are renewing if you haven’t done so already. If you are looking for a new student house for the next academic year click here to search our available properties.

Have a great time! Enjoy yourselves and we will see you in the New Year!