Making the Most of Online University in Your Uni House

17th September 2020

It is no lie that this year has been hard for everyone, our everyday life has been completely changed and this even leads into the way that universities have approached learning. For the most part, students have seen a move from in-person learning to online. This isn’t always the easiest transition but here are some of the things you can do to help the transition and still make the most of student life!

De-clutter your space!

The objects around you will set the tone for how productive you can be for the day so that pile of clothes you’ve been meaning to wash in the corner of your room probably isn’t going to help get you into the mindset for studying. De-cluttering will help clear your head and set you up in a clear space ready for learning.

Get Ready for the day.

Just because you are going to be sat in your room all day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get ready. Putting a morning routine in place that gets you up and ready to start your day can be very beneficial. Your lessons might be over zoom call but dressing for success can help your focus.

Decorate your room, your way!

Putting pictures up, fairy lights and plants will create an environment that you want to learn it. If you feel at home and comfortable in your student house, you are more likely to want to be productive there. It’s your own space away from home and you can use it how you want to help with your learning.

Lockdown doesn’t have to stop you from having fun.

Yes, Freshers looks different this year but with universities offering interactive freshers online and being able to hang out with your housemates still, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Replacing club nights with movie nights or even cocktail making evenings with your housemates can still be fun and for the time being the safest option for everyone.