Settling in?

21st September 2019

We hope you are settled in to your property and all is well! We know it can all get a bit hectic when term starts so just wanted to remind you of a couple of things you may find handy;

Your property documents (inc. your inventory, contract and certificates) are all online and can be accessed through the smartsheet link you have received when your tenancy started. Can’t find it? Emma can help!

Don’t forget you can report maintenance 24/7 through the link below, please don’t email it, it might not find it’s way to the right people and your repair may be delayed!
Report a repair

We sent you an email about renewing a couple of weeks ago – we know it seems super early but we are receiving enquiries already! If you haven’t responded yet please let us know if you plan on staying or leaving at the end of your tenancy by clicking here