Bills bills bills

1st October 2023

If you’ve moved in to a new home and not sure how to navigate the confusing energy market we are here to help!

Most tenants opt for a bills package to bundle everything together and keep it all simple, if you’d like to keep it easy-peasy click here to book a call with Fused and get a no obligation quote.

If you want to sort it all yourselves, here’s what you need to know…
Your property will already be supplied by an energy company. To find out who they are call 0870 6081524 for gas, 0845 6015467 for electricity and 0330 303 1263 for water. You can of course stay with this company, or you can choose a new supplier.

You can chose any supplier you wish, we would recommend doing your research to see which company best fits what you are looking for. As well as the big 6, there are plenty of alternatives offering anything from automatic switching, to the best student deal, green energy, smart meters or easy to manage apps. Try looking around comparison sites to find the best match.

Be aware if you are switching to a new supplier this process can take up to 8 weeks. This means you will have a period of time where you need to pay a bill to the current supplier before the supply is transferred to the new one. Be sure to provide your current energy company with the readings taken on the first day of your tenancy, you can find these in your inventory. You’ll then need to take a fresh batch of readings for the new company once the switch takes place.

The cheapest tariff is often a direct debit. The most expensive rate per unit is on a pre-payment meter with a top up card, normally energy companies will exchange these for free if you ask. Make sure you discuss with your housemates before setting anything up to avoid one person footing the bill or any arguments further down the line!

Full-time students are exempt from Council Tax during term time, in order to claim your discount you must register online. Or call the Council on 01273 291291 for further advice.

Don’t forget, you need a TV licence if you watch or record live TV programmes on any channel, or if you watch or download programmes on BBC iPlayer.

We hope that helps! If you need any other help or advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂