Celebrations and the community

4th December 2020

With the festive period approaching, everyone is in the mood to celebrate, but don’t forget you live in a community with others. We completely understand living with your friends and being a student is one of the best times of your lives and this year has meant most of you have spent more time in your student house than ever before. Although it’s exciting and means there is plenty of time for quality bonding, you also must look out for the people who live around you. You may have neighbours who work, work shifts, are elderly or have young children. Here are some ideas that can help better relations with your neighbours!

Try and keep the noise down after 11:00PM a lot of people are sleeping around this time even if you are not. (Psst: it’s also a term in your contract under your tenant obligations)

If you are making noise that may last beyond 11:00PM try doing it on a weekend and popping a note round to your neighbours to give them a heads up. This will better your relations with the community around you!

Noise travels; keep windows and doors closed if you are playing music and avoid gathering in gardens.

Keep the front of your house as tidy as you can. We understand that a lot of Brighton properties have bins out the front of them, but try make sure your bin bags are in the bins and they are pushed as closely to the house as you can get them. If you’re not sure of your refuse collection days check the Brighton and Hove council website.

Sometimes the party isn’t worth the repercussions, if the council are involved in noise complaints it can result in fines and can jeopardise your place at university. Not to mention tidying up the mess on a hangover is no fun for anyone! Plus you could end up being out of pocket for the damages to your house and belongings from the drunken idiot that wasn’t invited.

Lastly just treat people around you how you would like to be treated, the world is a scary place right now and a little kindness goes a long way.