I’ve Settled In! What’s Next?

22nd August 2023

So you’ve moved into your new home…now what? We trust that you’ll love your new home and we’re genuinely delighted that you’ve discovered where you belong in Brighton. To help you settle in, here’s a quick checklist to refer to so you don’t forget anything!

Record meter readings
Establish contact with your utility providers (unless bills are included!). Unsure of your supplier? Call 0870 6081524 for gas, 0845 6015467 for electricity, and 0330 303 1263 for water.

Connect with Brighton & Hove City Council

Full-time students are exempt from Council Tax during term time. To claim your reduction, register online or seek guidance from the Council at 01273 291291.

Secure a TV license

A TV license is mandatory for watching or recording live TV shows on any channel, as well as for viewing or downloading content on BBC iPlayer via http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk.

Set up Broadband, TV, and Phone services

If you’re intrigued by Virgin Media, dial 03333436674. By referencing ‘Coapt 72634’, you can access premier student packages and deals. Of course, alternative providers are available.

Confirm your recycling pickup days

If you’re missing a refuse bin or recycling container, online ordering is an option. For street collection days, call 01273 292929 or visit www.brighton-hove.gov.uk.

Consider acquiring contents insurance (unless included!)

We strongly advise investing in personal contents insurance, as landlord coverage does not extend to your possessions in cases of fire, burglary, or leaks. Although it might seem like an extra expense on a tight budget, ponder whether you could truly afford replacements in the event of damage or theft.

Contact with your neighbours

We suggest introducing yourselves and exchanging contact numbers with your neighbors. After all, they could come in handy when you’re out of milk! Always show respect for your local community and maintain noise levels at a minimum. While we appreciate cranking up the volume and dancing in our spaces, let’s be considerate – neighbors might work night shifts, have napping children, or be vulnerable older individuals.

Stay on top of your garden

Gardens tend to grow surprisingly fast, particularly during the summer. Our recommendation is to stay ahead of it and keep up with maintenance throughout the year to prevent grievances and hefty gardening fees down the line. If you need guidance on garden upkeep, don’t hesitate to reach out. Feel free to get in touch if you require any advice on maintaining your garden.

Happy moving in!