How Does Brighton Rank With The Rest?

8th March 2022

New research by Property Inspect found that Brighton & Hove ranked second for cities in the UK with the worst rent to income disparity in the United Kingdom, with the average two-bedroom property costing an average of 37.6% of a resident’s monthly income. First place is Oxford, just, with 37.8%.

Top five cities with worst rent to income disparity

  1. Oxford – 37.8 per cent
  2. Brighton and Hove – 37.6 per cent
  3. Epsom and Ewell – 37 per cent
  4. Hertsmere – 36.6 per cent
  5. Bristol – 35.7 per cent

By contrast, residents in the cheapest area of the UK, Bromley, only need to part with a respectable 29.3 per cent of their salary for their rent.

In a similar article by Sussex Live, Brighton ranks eleventh in the most expensive areas to live outside of London per square metre, with Mid Sussex, Chichester, Lewes, Horsham, Wealdon & Adur all representing Sussex in the top 50 ranking.

Interestingly, with an average median floor space of just 78 metres, Brighton has the smallest homes of any town on the top 50.


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